What is a MasterNode?No need to stress, we have you covered.

Masternodes are the big earners of the TittieCoin network. In one way, you can think of a MasterNodes as your own private savings account (You put 4,000,000 TIT into a locked account, its not locked forever you can unlock it at any time! In return you are rewarded with 70% of block rewards). On the other hand, Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.

The TittieCoin Core Masternode NetworkHere's an overview of what makes TittieCoin a good investment overall


TittieCoin offers MasterNodes for increased user security and for those who want the benefit of higher rewards.

Proof of Stake

If MasterNodes are not your thing, holding TTC in your wallet will help you earn 30% of block rewards, the more TTC held the more frequent the rewards.


MasterNode holders earn a massive 70% share of blocks

Private transactions

TittieCoin offers security features such as an Obfuscation Mixer built into the wallet so you can be in control of your own privacy.

TIT Blockchain

Industry leading blockchain technology is at the core of TittieCoin, with features currently in development to bring even more value to investors.

Transaction Speed

TittieCoin is built on high performance cutting edge Blockchain technology with high speed transaction times.

Personal Wealth

Secure your wealth and protect your investment by obtaining a TIT masternode to earn rewards.

Protect Privacy

With each Masternode, the ability to protect your privacy increase as the community network grows stronger.

True Governance

Every Masternode gets to participate in the underlaying governance of TIT. No more centralized decision making.

Solid Code

With a trusted Dev team, the evolution of TittieCoin continues to work towards our vision of Tittie island.